How to get a mac pro card for freelance makeup artist

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When you think of MAC makeup , what comes to mind? Do you think of the iconic brand which has inspired millions of women to wear daring, bold makeup looks?

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Makeup artists love MAC Cosmetics because of its high quality and rich colors. MAC does not offer certifications to makeup artists.

Who is Eligible for Pro Cards?

The company does have a program for students currently enrolled in beauty school or performing arts studies. Master classes offer makeup artist students the opportunity to learn about the latest MAC products as well as trends and new makeup application techniques. Students have a chance to meet with the top makeup artists in the industry. They can ask questions and get hands-on experience in makeup application. Another benefit of the PRO Student Program is being able to attend exclusive events and having access to networking opportunities which would be otherwise unavailable.

Mac Pro Card | Specktra: The online community for beauty

MAC holds events with its senior makeup artist for students. They can mingle in an informal environment. Hairstylists, agents, models and performers also attend these events, making them a great place for students to forge invaluable connections. The password-protected website offers information on trends, products, tips and events. Hi I have a Mac pro card and they just made changes.

You basically have to be working with a makeup agency or have a license. They rejected my renewal after having it for 6 years.


Oh wow, they did! The program isn't as accessible for freelance makeup artists anymore.

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Mac-Guy Active member. Yes, lots of changes to the Pro membership. There were just too many who abused the system. Everyone was making youtube videos on how its so easy to get a mac pro card.

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They ruined it for real freelance makeup artist. Missed those. But yes, it ruined it for the rest of us.

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  6. I just went to renew my pro card that I have had for probably about 8 years. I was denied because now they require manicurists to be repped by an agency. I get that they are trying to crack down on abusers but most nailtechs are not repped by agencies. I know A LOT of nailtechs and maybe only 10 are with agencies.

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    You would think they could detect abusers by looking at the pattern of their orders. I'm not happy that folks not abusing are being negatively affected.

    Makeup Brands That Offer Pro Discounts for Makeup Artists

    I just tried to renew my Pro card today, but after reading this I'm certain it will be rejected. I've had it for close to 20 years, but I am only a freelance esthetician and makeup artist and not repped by an agency or anything. It's extremely unfortunate that a bunch of YouTubers ruined this for the legit people in the industry.