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Graphics Card Mac Pro NVIDIA

Sort by Posted: Mac Pro 1,1. Very good condition. Mac Pro 5,1, 3GB , 6-core 3. Mac Pro 5,1 6 core Xeon 3. Please Contact. Apple says the following models Mac Pro.

Genuine Apple ATI Radeon HD 1GB Graphics Card for the Mac Pro - Part Haven

Selling my Upgraded Mac Pro 2,1. It has 2x X Xeon 3. Running El Capitain. Is a serious workhorse. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

Customer Reviews

These are the only cards that are supported in an original Mac Pro. Unfortunately, most are not particularly available any more.

Apple no longer sells any of these cards, except the Quadro FX family which is super-expensive and not consumer-oriented. I believe most, if not all, of the above officially supported cards are all Apple-specific variants. There are various non-Apple versions of the above, which may or may not work in a Mac Pro, depending on firmware compatibility sometimes it is possible to program a Mac-compatible version of the firmware into a non-Apple card's non-volatile flash, thus enabling the use of a non-Apple version in the Mac Pro.

But the bottom line is that it is not really possible to purchase these cards anymore except for the super-expensive Quadro FX and maybe a small quantity of the others that can be found used on Amazon or eBay. That said, there is at least one other card that is currently as of Summer available that will work in an original Mac Pro.

Best replacement video card for a 2008 Mac Pro?

Although it is not listed as being officially compatible and therefore not officially supported , there are numerous accounts in the Apple online store from customers who have reported that the ATI Radeon HD works just fine out-of-the-box in their original Mac Pros. It also performs quite a bit better than the older officially compatible cards. The only caveat and it is a very minor one is that the installation instructions that accompany the card deviate somewhat from what is actually required in the original Mac Pro, due to minor variations between the internals of the older Mac Pros and the newer ones.

For instance, the instructions mention sliding a PCI cage to move a retention bracket , but the bracket is not present, and the cage doesn't move in the original Mac Pro each PCI slot has it's own small retention "clip" instead. Also, the power connector on the motherboard is in a different location in the original Mac Pro.

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If you do some research, you will find various other reports of users having success with other cards especially various ATI Radeon variants. Oftentimes, it involves updating the firmware flashing.

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However, the Radeon HD is the only currently available card I am aware of that will work out of the box. It's been confirmed that the following PC graphics cards work "out-of-the-box": Radeon , , , and Le yay!

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Its because the Card is 2. There is a fix and its in the works. I can confirm, mac pro 1. I installed fresh copy on yesterday: