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I was just able to download it from the link you provided. If not, then maybe their server is denying you for some other reason I'm running It hangs up half way through the install. I've tried everything. Nothing works.

Re: Octave install on Mac OS X 10.8.5

What's more, I can't get any help anywhere. Not even Sourceforge will answer my emails about it. It seems support for X11 has simply been wiped off the face of the Earth as if it never existed. First had to reset the git repo in the Cellar before I could update. Upgrading everything led Brew to ask me if I wanted to update Java via Cask? That fixed everything. Your email address will not be published. First, install XQuartz. So go fix that. You will also need the Xcode Command Line Tools if you don't already have them. Both Homebrew and XQuartz need this to work.

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Now you are ready to install Octave from Homebrew: 2. Tagged gnuplot , how-to , octave , osx , rage. Bookmark the permalink. October 25, at October 27, at Good question. Adjoa says:. October 28, at Thanks Neil--this worked perfectly and I didn't need to reboot my Mac either!

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  • I'm also curious about any Mavericks troubles. Gany says:. November 5, at Andrew says:. November 11, at Kate says:. November 12, at Kate: Sorry to hear you're having trouble. We wanted to like it, we really did, but we found the interface awkward and unnecessarily driven by OS X ideals. Keynote users may find the integration features handy; you can import data from Excel. The program has multiple axis types, trend lines, error bars, templates, support for Retina displays, and compatibility with Gatekeeper, and some bug fixes for AppleScript.

    Listing updated: Perform automatic curve fits, and add models with adjustable parameters to your graphs. Calculate statistics, tangents, integrals, and interpolations. Graphviz is an open source drawing package.

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    Configurations: started as x0; currently Universal; OSX The Mac version is at parity with the Windows version. The strength and weakness of DataDesk is its visual environment:. Select points in one plot or table and see those points highlight instantly in all other plots. Modify a data value or parameter and see all relevant plots and table update immediately DataDesk is superb for exploratory data analysis.

    A student version is bundled with several textbooks Velleman has been involved in. Free for students. Software last updated ; made free for some students, From their web site :. DataTank is designed for scientific visualization, data mining, and algorithm development, but it is flexible enough to be used for a variety of other uses as well. Like other scientific visualization programs DataTank uses OpenGL to draw 3D graphics, and supports transparency, interactive rotation, multiple light sources and camera positions. DataTank enables interactive exploration of large data sets.

    DataTank will perform incremental evaluation, treating data sets with millions of data points and hundreds of thousands of entries the same way as a simple data set that is typed in manually. Program is extremely flexible and can be used for graphics, statistics, visualizations, etc; Can produce animations of contours lines and shading generated from variably spaced data. Can use ESRI shapfiles. Configurations: or later, OS older versions ; Universal; betas may be Lion compatible [Claims to be ready for any mac using an intel processor] Current Version: 7.

    Amusingly, Cricket Graph did both in In , after four years, version 6 was finally released, with a revised interface, cross-platform-friendly files, support for third-party spot colors in PDF and EPS export, and international text support.

    Installing MacOS X Bundle

    Configurations: Igor Pro is a charting and data analysis program published by WaveMetrics, Inc. Analysis includes curve fitting, peak analysis, signal processing, and descriptive statistics. A highly capable data visualization and discovery package which is very speedy and has a friendly Mac-like interface, JMP is covered on the main page. Stata , the fine Mac-focused Swiss-army-knife statistics package started including SEM structural equation modeling with version Stata details.

    Java software: Mac OS X ParallelSets provides visualization for categorical data, including surveys and inventory; provides an alternative to simple cross-tabs. Thanks, Chris Lucianu. See gmt. Many of the main developers including me use Mac OS X. Description by Paul Wessel.

    This software was made available free of charge by Apple with the first PowerPC systems to show off the awesome power of the 60 MHz PowerPC chips which in some ways were quite speedy, but most people probably found themselves wishing for a Quadra.

    They have continued on, in various forms, through to OS X, and can actually do a number of useful things. Steve Martin of the University of Melbourne suggested its inclusion, noting that the new verison of Grapher allows importing sets of points and includes sample files. This only works for graphing functions.

    It is available online from many sources. From Evan Miller, Magic Apps is a tool for analyzing time-series data on a map. Maps; states and countries automatically change color to match values, with customization for the colors and numeric ranges colors can also be set for text fields. A timeline shows historical averages and totals with a "play" feature to show changes by period.

    osx – Mac OS에서 gnuplot Octave에서 x11 터미널을 찾을 수 없습니다. - 코드 로그

    There are mathematical and geographical functions included, with CSV output. Matplotlib is a pure python plotting library with the goal of making publication quality plots using a syntax familiar to matlab users. Replying to marco. Before upgrading to mountainlion I have completely removed macport and then reinstalled it from scratch in the new osx.

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    Here is the main. I had the same problem with OSX Apparently I needed to accept an Apple license for Xcode. Once I did this in Terminal. Opened 7 years ago Closed 7 years ago.