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Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 1

Once you've created the first slide, you can change the subject and add new elements such as tables, graphs, charts, pictures, videos, songs and other animations. The main features of Microsoft PowerPoint are the Arrange functions, which help you rearrange the elements of the slide and Quick Styles for changing the format.

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There are also group editing tools, tools for retouching photographs and much more. Finally, you can control the interval time between slides, and add notes to help you when you give your talk. You can even broadcast and share PowerPoint presentations online thanks to a Powerpoint Broadcast Service.

Microsoft Powerpoint remains the corporate favorite for creating presentations with style. I thought that they would have fixed it by now!!! I downloaded it made a slideshow it worked on the computer. Not on the projector. Now I have 1 day to get my slideshow ready!!! Pros: None!!!! Cons: Does not work!!!!!

Not ready for prime time. This version of PowerPoint for the Mac is not ready for prime time, that is, it should not have been released until it was tested and ready. The purpose of this application is presentations, and unless you plan on giving presentations without a projector or via WebEx, forget about using PowerPoint for its prime purpose. My experience with it has been very positive when using it to put together a presentation, but when it comes to the actual output, PowerPoint falters. When hooked up to a projector, the preview pane on the computer that is being used in my case a current model MacBook Pro running OS X When using WebEx, the attendees see the slide show, but are 3 to 4 slides behind the current slide being discussed.

Don't buy this if you need to do presentations. Wait until Microsoft releases a few updates. Pros: Works great for putting together presentations.

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Cons: Doesn't work for an actual presentation. I'd have to give it a 2 star rating overall because it doesn't do what it is intended to do. What do you think about Microsoft Powerpoint Do you recommend it? If the download doesn't start automatically, click here. Dreaming of an ad-free web?

Browse with Brave. Learn more. Office users should again be able to sign into Office and activate using their Office credentials. We now refrain from loading custom Python module installed in system directories, which prevents crashes when incompatible modules are present. This will fix connection issues in Diablo III as well as other possible problems.

Bottles created when this environment variable is set will use the native Desktop directly instead of putting a link to it on the Windows Desktop. Net 3. This may make package generation for Gentoo Linux easier.

Windows applications can now be easily launched from within CrossOver itself, and much of the rest of the user interface has been simplified. CrossOver will attempt to install a minimal set of packages on first-run, and will also attempt to install packages needed by specific Windows applications when those Windows applications are installed. CrossOver cannot overcome this limitation on its own. CrossOver now detects the situation and informs the user about it, and will also succeed in creating a win98 bottle on such a kernel.

Quicken can only display on the primary monitor, but should be more usable. Games will run faster, with higher frame rates! This is a major overhaul of the 3D graphics processing in CrossOver, and gives significant improvements in many, many popular games.

That is, our package installers filenames no longer include the 'i' specifier. This is purely a cosmetic change in the filenames we ship - some customers were confused, believing they needed a different installer for bit machines, which is not true after the switch to multiarch. The non-multiarch Debian packages are legacy and no longer shipped. CrossOver Users of non-multiarch aware Debian distributions can still use our MojoSetup installer.

In particular, it now includes a menu of launchers for all installed Windows applications, which can be customized by the user. Net 4. This includes innumerable fixes for various Windows applications.

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Net, by default. We had started doing this for CrossOver 12 but the large increase in download size and disk space usage proved too much.

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CrossOver can still download and install Wine-Mono on an as-needed basis. Using this preference, the user can tell CrossOver either to treat the unknown. Games which should be improved include StarCraft, Fallout, and, we hope, many others.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

We have added a registry key which can be used to disable the feature which caused Guild Wars 2 to trigger this bug, thus making the game playable with Compiz on Ubuntu. This feature is currently experimental but will become the way all CrossOver applications work on OS X in the future. This approach works better with desktop systems such as GNOME 3 and Unity, which usually don't have a hierarchical desktop menu structure.

Many transparent windows will now work that did not before. Guild Wars 2 will run for many people on CrossOver Mac, but many users will encounter persistent graphics problems. That is no longer necessary. Net API. Because of this failure, many games, and some other applications, would not run using CrossOver on OS X CrossOver requires perl, and Fedora 17 does not include it by default. It should now install cleanly an update of CrossTie files from the website may be necessary. Slideshows will now work in PowerPoint Note that single-user registration was unaffected.

A few of the many benefits of Wine 1. Net 1. Net 2. Zombies in windowed mode. This allows a CrossTie to install and detect games via Steam. Many games running in a virtual desktop cause a crash. Now we use a different API to generate icon files which bypasses the issue. Resolves an issue with. These upgrades have been available online for a while. There are some issues with the launcher, but the game runs well when launched via WoW. The game still suffers from performance problems. This should resolve many installation issues present in the old installer, and also changes the look and feel considerably.

This includes countless improvements. This includes bug fixes for several unsupported games, as well as fixing a crash in the launcher for Street Fighter IV and a lag in Team Fortress 2. Should simplify the installation of several unsupported games, including Lord of the Rings Online.

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Many improvements and bug fixes. It doesn't change the gamma on Macs to blue on application exit any longer. Also the G-Man intro is fixed on those cards. This was broken since CrossOver Games 7. This should allow more editions to install properly.