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One of my favorite features is its suggested date scheduling, where it looks at your upcoming week and figures out how best to postpone actions. Google's Chrome Remote Desktop is the best and easiest tool for accessing your computer from afar. If you're sitting at work and need to do something on your home desktop or laptop — assuming it's on — then Chrome Remote Desktop makes it very, very easy to interact with your remote system as if you were sitting right in front of it.

You don't have to memorize your home system's IP address or any of that; a simple PIN authentication is all you need to gain access to your remote system's mouse, keyboard and desktop.

You can now make and receive phone calls via OS X. However, you don't have a great keypad in the operating system with which to do that. While you don't really need one, assuming you're calling your contacts, having some kind of keypad makes it super-easy to call everyone else's numbers. You can click on the numbers, copy and paste them in, or just start typing the name of the person in your contacts list. If you're a big online shopper, you know that tracking deliveries can be a bit of a mess. How are you supposed to know when you need to be home to collect certain packages?

If you're a video connoisseur, or if you're always finding that you have to convert your videos to make them playable or streamable to all of your devices, then you're going to want HandBrake on your Mac, pronto.

This is one of the best OS X apps for video conversion, period. It's detailed enough to give power users plenty of options to play with, but it's also simple enough in its core functionality that even newbies will be able to figure out how to convert a video file from one type to another. Best of all, it's free. We'd be surprised if you hadn't heard of this super-popular cloud storage service. Here's the gist: Install Dropbox, and you'll get 2GB of cloud storage free. The app dumps a simple Dropbox folder onto your Mac, and anything you drag into there will be synchronized with the cloud.

You can head over to Dropbox's website to access these files remotely or download them to a separate device manually.

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Or, if you have multiple computers, anything in your Dropbox folder will be synchronized across all the other systems the app runs on. It's as easy as that — and cross-platform, too. What sets this media player apart is its ability to play — or stream — almost any non-DRM file you throw at it, all without requiring the installation of various codec packages. Have an old audio file, camera footage or other piece of arcane media? VLC can get the job done. Sometimes, downloaded applications dump stuff all over your hard drive, and the standard uninstallation routine deleting the apps from your Finder doesn't get rid of all the extra stuff that came with them.

If you install AppCleaner, it will find these extra bits of data and delete them for you. When you want to uninstall an application, just pull up AppCleaner first; then drag the application you're removing into the AppCleaner window.

It's as easy as that. AppCleaner finds all related files, and it'll give you a prompt to delete them when it's done searching. First, you can customize gestures and apply them to various actions on your laptop. So, for example, you can open your favorite game by spelling the first letter of its name with your finger. You can even trigger multiple actions in a sequence so that tapping a certain way can start a chain reaction of actions on your system.

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The 28 Best (Must Have) Mac Apps (Essential for )

View As: One Page Slides. Adobe has a host of applications for serious Mac creators, most of which can be packaged together via Adobe Creative Cloud. With the Agenda note-taking app , you can edit and share notes, organize entire projects, and sync everything across multiple devices. Agenda is free in the App Store , though in-app purchases unlock premium features.

List of 12 best Mac apps for developers

Similar to Mac's built-in Spotlight Search functionality, Alfred searches your computer while keeping your fingers on the keyboard rather than the mouse. It's ideal for productivity proponents and those suffering from mouse-related repetitive stress. Use your keyboard to search folders, files, and even the web in one easy search field.

You don't have to shell out the big bucks for a capable photo-editing tool on Mac; the free, built-in Apple Photos apps does the job just fine. Access photos photos stored in iCloud and use Apple Photos to edit, add filters, and share. Looking for a simple, capable text editor for your Mac? The general-purpose text-editing app excels at data-file editing and manipulation of text-oriented data. Bear is a lightweight alternative to note-taking and syncing apps like Evernote. While it lacks certain features of more robust competitors, it does have top-notch editing tools and a seamless interface.

Connectivity across multiple devices makes it a worthy option for writers of all kinds. The Bear app is free in the App Store and lets you create notes, add tags and attachments, and export to a variety of format.

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BetterZip , an archive utility for macOS, is easy to use and packed with advanced features, including a built-in file previewer. Want to clean up your computer? Hard drive failure is the bane of the computing experience. If you experience it, check out Data Rescue 5 , which recovers files from damaged hard drives, as well as those that have been deleted. Once a file has been recovered, simply save it to an external drive.

If you rely on your Mac for work, DiskWarrior can repair and rebuild your Mac directory in case of emergency. Having a cloud-based file backup is just common sense these days, and on Mac you can link your Dropbox account right in the Finder window, allowing you to quickly move files into the cloud. Together with the mobile apps , your files are available wherever you are. Though it's still not a complete photo workflow solution, DxO PhotoLab can deliver image results beyond what's possible in other photo software and is a PCMag Editors' Choice for high-end photo editing.

Evernote has long been one of the best productivity apps on the market. It gives users an open and comfortable space for note-taking, and it easily syncs across all devices. Download it from the Mac App Store. Introduced in as a video chat feature for the iPhone, Apple's FaceTime is also available on the Mac.

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If you have macOS Mojave Apple's professional-level video editing software, Final Cut Pro , brings a wealth of power in an interface simple for pros and consumers alike. Recent highlights include rich support for degree content and improved stability. Finding files on your computer can be a pain, especially since Spotlight doesn't locate anything hidden from view.

It does an incredible job converting video to iOS and Apple TV friendly formats along with adding metadata artwork, description, date, etc. Direct passthrough of HEVC tracks from mkv files to m4v now only takes seconds, just like it has always worked for H. This works just as quick for all your HD content, no matter if 4k or p. To provide even more flexibility to our power users, it is now also possible to create custom presets with different settings from the builtin ones.

It is also possible to use these custom presets together with the immensely powerful rule system to create an even more customised workflow. As additional bonus iFlicks 3 has a tweaked interface incorporating countless improvements. For many years, I was a heavy Omnifocus user, but two years ago I gave Todoist a try. Anytime I need to do something or be reminded to do something , it goes into the Todoist inbox, is processed, and then scheduled.

Tasks and projects sync over to the iOS version. It keeps my entire professional life on track, so I consider it an essential Mac app. Every bit of writing I do here at 9to5Mac is done in Byword. I find writing in plain text to be much easier than writing in a web content management system. I prepare everything in Markdown , and then I export into HTML to paste in the 9to5Mac content management system for review and final preparation. It syncs over iCloud or Dropbox to the iOS versions as well.

There are sometimes apps that you feel real at home with, and 1Password is that one for me. Of all the apps I tried, 1Password feel the most native to the Apple ecosystem. Outside of just password management, there are many features that 1Password supports that make it something worth paying for vs. They include support for secure notes with attachments, personal information such as social security numbers, app license information, credit card information, passport information, and more. I also use it as my two-factor authentication application as well.

They offer a standalone app purchase as well as a subscription plan.