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  1. macos - How to add background images to front page of Pages doc? - Ask Different
  2. Background Images In Pages
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Lock master objects after editing: Keep the object but remove it as a master object: Add a master object Click one of the object buttons in the toolbar to add a text box, shape, or image to any page in the section, then drag it to where you want it to appear on each page. If you add a text box, type the text you want to appear.

macos - How to add background images to front page of Pages doc? - Ask Different

Adjust the size and position of the object on the page. The object is moved to the background of every page in the section. Master objects are locked made unselectable by default. Edit or delete a master object To edit or delete a master object, first make it selectable.

Background Images In Pages

Select the master object, then do one of the following: Remove the object completely: Press Delete. I literally spent like an hour and a half trying to figure this out….. Shoot I was about ready to get me Word because these new updates for Pages suck…. Thanks once again! All Rights Reserved.

Add or replace an image

You can import an image and use it as a background for a page or your entire document. Learn how to get the image to appear behind text, and to adjust it so your text stands out.

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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost. Let's take a look at creating a background image for your documents in Pages.

Change the background of a single page

I'm using Pages version 5 and we're going to take a look at how to add a background image behind your text. I've got a sample document with some sample text and I have this background that I want to set as the background, not only for this page, but for all the pages in the document. So I'm going to drag and drop it in just to get it into the Pages document.

But instead of just letting it float there on that page I'm going to go to the Arrange menu, Section Masters and move this object to the Section Masters. Now it is in the background as you can see. So I'm going to scale it up, let's zoom out on this quite a bit, and you can see it.

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It actually appears there on page 2. I'm going to scale this a huge amount and drag it around, you can see the arrow keys here, so that it kind of covers everything. After I've got it to a position that I want, there we go that is perfect, now I can also begin to also work with it as an image and change some things about it.

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I can adjust the exposure, for instance, and saturation to get it like I want. Let's go fully to this Adjust Image here and we'll be able to really play around with its levels because we want it to appear kind of light behind everything and not interfere with the black text.

Pages for Mac: Add images in a Pages document

Let's say this is the effect that we want. Let's go back to the full view here so we can see. Now it appears as a pretty light background on this and we can scroll down and you can see there it appears at the bottom of the text very nice.

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It is exactly the effect that I was looking for. The cool thing is that it will always add itself to the end of every page here. So I can continue to add more text and go to a new page and it will be here on this next page as well. So it is the complete background for my entire document by doing it this way. Related Posts: